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Growing a Community with Video & Facebook, Nick Pettit Interview

October 25, 2011

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Nick Pettit

How do you build a community for your business, blog or startup? Recently at FOWA London I got to meet Nick Petit – from Treehouse. Nick shares some really hot tips on using social media to grow your audience into a thriving community. In this interview you will learn: Why video is so effective for […]

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How to Build a Business from Vision to Exit, Guy Rigby Interview

October 21, 2011


vision to exit

How do you build a business from vision to exit?  Recently I got the opportunity to connect with Guy Rigby, author of Vision to Exit: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building & Selling a Business. In this interview you will learn: Why you have decide what type of business you want – before you start How […]

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NOW That’s What I Call Advertising 2.0!

October 18, 2011


Believe the hype

              Remember the last time you watched a TV ad and said to yourself: What the hell was the point of that? You know the ones I mean: lame branding ad, a couple looking miserable until they come across this new [insert rubbish product]. Their eyes meet, they reveal […]

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Marketing Metrics Mastery, Dan Martell Interview

October 12, 2011


Dan martell FOWA

          What is the most important element of marketing that most business just don’t concentrate on? Last week at FOWA London, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my entrepreneurial heroes: Dan Martell from Flowtown. I see Dan as one of the leading marketers in the world – (crazy considering […]

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How to Best Optimize your Website? with Optimizely’s Pete Koomen

October 11, 2011

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Pete Koomen

How do you know if your website is designed in the best way for your customers? What are visitors to your site not doing? What do you want them to do? In this interview, recorded at Future of Web Apps London 2011,  I caught up with Pete Koomen co-founder of Optimizely, a market leader in […]

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The Art of the Personal Pivot

October 4, 2011


Personal pivot

            What do you when you’re not 100% happy what you’re doing with your life? I sat reflecting what I’d just done. The fact I hadn’t had the heart to tell me family yet, stands for the fact that it wasn’t a frivolous decision. I took a bite of my […]

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