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5 Unexpected Benefits to Blogging

November 21, 2011


Unexpected blogging

So you’ve figured out what WordPress is, wasted days of your life figuring out how to change the blue wiggly line on your header into a green wiggly line, and you’ve re-written your ‘About’ page 17 times so you don’t sound like a complete twat (although you probably still do). Your blog is finally launched […]

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A Day in the Life of a Serial Entrepreneur: Mark Bowness

November 16, 2011

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serial entrepreneur

What is it like to have a huge idea and turn it into a start-up? I finally got to meet with Mark Bowness, serial entrepreneur and founder of which became a global phenomenon and a BBC2 series. Mark is one hell of an inspirational guy who has a knack of coming up with big ideas and […]

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Never Trust a HIPPO!

November 12, 2011

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Hippo business

              Ever been in a meeting when the most senior person in the room made a ‘gut’ decision – that you felt was plain wrong? You might or might not have been brave enough to question this decision but too often your questioning wasn’t listened to. After the meeting […]

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Video Marketing, Views, Rankings and Results, with Dan Safkow

November 9, 2011


web video marketing

How can I use video as a powerful marketing tool for my business or blog? I recently had the opportunity to chat with video marketing guru Dan Safkow, and he told me how to unleash video marketing awesomeness for our business or blogs (I learnt some cool stuff in the process) In this video you […]

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Million Dollar Report 2, Startup Remarkable

November 7, 2011


million dollar report

Here’s where I report on how I’m progressing towards my goals of making $1 million in 999 days. Each month I report on exactly how much I made, what things I’ve learned, what I’ve achieved, and of course, all the mistakes I’ve done (oh yes – I’m NEVER short on material for that section!). Expect my […]

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