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37 Inspirational Quotes to Turbo-Charge your Day

April 28, 2012


Inspirational quotes

I love inspirational quotes – they’re an eternal source of inspiration to get you fired up with a sense of purpose. Here are 37 of my all time favorite motivational quotes to get you fired up (My all time face the last one – check it out) Hope you enjoy – please feel free to add your favorite […]

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Personal Branding Secrets – How to Get Noticed

April 24, 2012


personal branding

About a year ago – I had 20 followers on Twitter, no presence online and was no more a thought leader in startup circles than your typical Miss America beauty contestant is about geography So I decided to take personal branding a little more seriously. And given that I now receive job offers regularly through my Linkedin […]

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Game On: Why Gamification Works & 5 Examples You Need to Know About

April 9, 2012


game mechanics

Gamification. It’s one of the ‘buzz phrases’ of the last year (along with ‘Pivot’ etc) – and, although overused, – much of its popularity is for good reason.  Since beginning working with a Social Gaming startup about 6 months ago – I’ve had my eyes opened to the wonders of ‘game mechanics’ and the impact […]

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