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May 31, 2012


Email Request Confirmed Your Request has been confirmed Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter, you should receive a welcome email including a link to the ebook – The Startup Handbook. Sometimes there can be delays up to several hours depending if emails are making it through. Please wait a few hours for the message […]

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How to Make a Million by 20, with Fraser Doherty

May 30, 2012


How to Make a Million by 20, with Fraser Doherty In this interview I’m joined by Scottish entrepreneur Fraser Doherty, founder of ‘Superjam’ (which I can confirm is very tasty Fraser Dohery has an awesome story: Age 14 after his Gran showed him her special jam recipe in her kitchen, Fraser started selling Jam in farmers markets […]

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11 Ways to Get Rockstar Startup Advice

May 22, 2012


startup advice

Have you ever wished you had access to experienced startup advisors that could help you with what you’re trying to achieve? We’ve all been there – working on a project of some description – at some point one of the inevitable questions pop into our heads: – Am I doing this right? – What do […]

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20 Facebook Advertising Mistakes that Could be Avoided (pt 1)

May 14, 2012


Facebook marketing tips

  Love it or loathe it, with 800 million users, Facebook marketing has changed the the way we socialise, interact and market on the web. With instant potential access to 800 million+ users, who have shared enough details about themselves that could make a market researcher wet themselves with joy, it’s little surprise that Facebook advertising is […]

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How to be Creative (even if you’re not the creative type)?

May 8, 2012


how to be creative

How can we become a successful creative? Good news is that it’s not just for creative geniuses, but being creative is a skill that can be learnt by us all. In this interview I’m joined by Jonah Lehrer, writer for Wired magazine, The New Yorker and author of many books including recently released: Imagine: How […]

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The Startup Handbook

May 7, 2012


Eeeks….You’ve got here a little early – The Startup Handbook will be ready in the next 7 days (mid-May 2012) (and yes it will be full of Startup free tools, resources and tips) To be one of the FIRST people to get a FREE COPY – simply enter your email address below Thanks – any questions feel free […]

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The 5 Numbers that Actually Matter

May 3, 2012


startup metrics

What Startup Metrics do you measure? In God we Trust – everyone else bring data – W. Edwards Deming In our online and tech world we now swim in an ocean of data – we could literally spend all day analysing it. I’ve spoken with some successful entrepreneurs about the importance of this in the […]

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