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How to Hit 4 million Users in 6 months – A Startup Case Study

July 25, 2012


Grow Your Startup

                    How to grow your startup from zero users to  million users, in just 6 months? That’s the question I’m regularly asked at startup events when they hear about the success we’ve had with I Am Playr (the social game I work with), which we launched […]

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How to Prototype a Successful Startup, with Amir Khella

July 10, 2012


AMir Khella

In this video interview, I’m joined by Entrepreneur, startup advisor and user experience designer Amir Khella Amir has designed and helped launch more than a dozen startups (including Ustream, Docverse and many others). His own latest project Keynotopia was launched in 3 hours with a $47.50 budget and had it’s first paying customer in 10 […]

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7 Reasons Why Your QR Codes Suck

July 3, 2012


QR Code cool car

                            QR Codes are the Hottest New thing in Marketing, Every Marketing Campaign Needs a QR Code – yep we’ve heard it all over the past year And my, haven’t we seen lots of QR codes. Question time: How many times have […]

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