Howard Kingston

Hi I’m Howard Kingston. You may know me as the co-founder of Adludio, the energetic Irish entrepreneur or the guy with lots of hair. Either way, I’m excited you’re here.

About me

In late 2012 I co-founded Adludio (f-k-a Future Ad Labs). What started with an idea onstage at StartupWeekend, became two people in a startup accelerator in North East England (it’s cold up there!), which led to us getting back by some great investors (we’ve now raised approx $2m). We hustled, made mistakes & learnt as we went along the way, closing deals with some of the world’s largest brands (Unilever, Nestle, BBC, RedBull, PayPal & dozens more) and raking in a ton of top awards. Those two people have now grown to over 20 based in London, all on a mission to redefine mobile advertising.

My intro to the tech-startup world began when I met the guys at We R Interactive soon after I arriving in London. They had a vision of an amazing gaming company they were about to launch, and needed someone to head up their Marketing. I was up for the challenge and I hugely appreciate them backing me to do it. We R Interactive was quite a ride, we grew I Am Playr to 6 million users in year 1 (at one point growing by 80k users a day), then to approx 15 million users, gain international acclaim and We R Interactive was eventually acquired.

Things I’m most passionate about and get me out of bed every day include: growth (both of businesses, and myself), big ideas and meeting fellow startup founders who are doing amazing things. Along the way I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to tick off some life goals such as speaking at SXSW & Ted, be featured in amazing places such as BBC, Fobes & Huffington Post, and being named as a member of London’s ‘Silicon 60′ and Tech City insider 100. Lots more life goals to go, read about them here.

I’ve still miles to go on my own journey, but amazing people have helped me along the way so far – giving up hours of their time to help and advice.  I try to do likewise where I can – teaching at General Assembly, (see here for upcoming classes) & here on this blog. Get in touch if there’s anything I can help you with.


Man, I bombed at school. I once remember being given a 0 in maths and every report said the same thing ‘Howard has potential but doesn’t apply himself’. I flunked university straight after school (lasting only three months), but at least the parties were good! :)

It wasn’t until I set up my first business with my friend Mhardi – a events & DJ promotions business called MixitMuzik, that I found myself really engaged and passionate about something. The first event we ran bombed with only 5 people turning up, however we didn’t give up and just made us more determined, and after weeks of hard work the night was a huge success….hundreds of people had heard about the night, came and had a great time. We went on to run a 100+ more nights in Dublin but I’d caught the bug for creating things that impacted people. This passion became the start of a lifelong obsession….

The next few years took my on a journey towards that: going back to university to get an MBA & 1st class degree in Marketing (something I was proud of given my previous academic track records ;), started & quit a PhD (I realised that if my end goal is to start a business, then I really should quit dicking around in books and get to it), launched a number of startups which where incredible learning experiences including: PhotoVino: a wine sharing app, Otakud (Digital agency), Irish Ancestral Holidays (travel) and MixitMuzik (events & DJing), and meeting some amazing people along the way.

Some of my more bizarre challenges:

  • Reading a book a week for a year
  • Learning to swim in  3 months, before completing an open water Olympic Triathlon
  • Setting myself a goal of making $1m in 999 days
  • DJing to 1,000+ people on Bora Bora beach, Ibiza

I’d love to connect with you, please do so through one of the options below:

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Or email me: howard (at) startupremarkable.com