Howard in the Snow

Hi, I’m Howard – an Irish guy living in London.

I’m Marketing manager for an awesome social gaming startup, Event organiser for Startup Weekend and writer for the Huffington Post - as well as working on startup projects of my own of course :)

No I don’t have all the answers. Yes I do make lots of mistakes. But I’m moving forward, learning awesome things, meeting amazing people and having the time of my life – and this is where I share the things I learn and the people I meet.

I’ve quite a few big dreams and Life Goals – but none more burning than building and launching a successful startup business. To achieve this I’m busy rolling the startup snowball.

A little about me

In late 2010 I was busy balancing a PhD I didn’t enjoy and a Start-up that was going nowhere. Working 12 hour days and achieving very little. I felt like those drag race cars that burn rubber but don’t actually go anywhere (and probably funny to watch)! Things had to change.

So Nov 2010 I quit my job (well, PhD to be exact, it’s the same as a job except more boring and pays less) – took off to the other side of the world (literally) with the sole intention of pursuing my dream. As I sat on that plane I pledged to focus 100% of my thoughts on making a career out of my passion. I had zero income, zero jobs lined up, zero ‘plan’. But I knew I’d find it. This was it – to make it or break it and if I failed I would only have myself to blame.

This story

This blog is the story of my journey, from first baby steps of making that first $1 to making $1 million and all in-between. I will be documenting all my mistakes, failures and successes – everything. There’s a lot of hype out there on the internet (and off it) and I certainly don’t want to add to that. I’m going to fully transparent in everything I do – recording my monthly income , my strategies and what I’ve learnt month by month. I hope by doing this it will create a resource you can believe in and trust.

There’s some leaps of faith you gotta take if you’re going to achieve something great.

A bit like this one (me bungee-jumping inNew Zealand, Christmas eve 2010):

I love to hear from you so please tweet me, email me or say hello in the comments on this blog