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Hi I’m Howard. I’m an Irish entrepreneur and co-founder of Future Ad Labs, an award winning advertising technology company that believes in making people’s lives better by creating online advertising that people enjoy. We work with the world’s largest brands (Unilever, Nestle, BBC, ITV and many more) and our goal is to put smiles on the faces of one billion people within five years.

I’m passionate about startups, marketing and growth, and I was named in this year’s ‘Silicon 60 – a who’s who of London’s tech scene’.

Prior to this I was Head of Marketing at We R Interactive (acquired), an award winning startup I helped grow from launch to 6 million users in its first year.

I enjoy sharing the lessons I learn along the way, and I do so via teaching Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking at General Assembly (see here for upcoming classes), and blogging regularly both here and at The Huffington Post.


I was a constant underachiever at school, and once remember being given a 0 in maths report.  I flunked university straight after school (lasting only three months before being asked to leave). It wasn’t until I set up my first business with my friend Mhardi – a events & DJ promotions business called MixitMuzik, that I found myself really engaged and passionate about something.

This passion drove me to go back to university 5 years later, where fuelled by a vision of starting my own business I found an insatiable hunger for learning and personal growth – this pushed me to get an MBA from University of Durham and an BA (1st hons) in Marketing & PR (two things I was proud of given my previous track records ;) I even got through the first year of a PhD before I realised that if my end goal is to start a business, then I really should quit dicking around in books and get to it.

Through this period during and just after University I helped found a number of startups including photovino (wine app), Otakud (Digital agency), Irish Ancestral Holidays (travel) and MixitMuzik (events & DJing)- all of which were incredible learning experiences.

This blog

I originally set up this blog straight after I quit my PhD to publish what I was learning on my entrepreneur adventure. I had crazy big ambitions, and I set myself a goal of making $1 million in 999 days, literally without any clue how I’d do it. Most people who read the blog, laughed at me.

The 999 days has passed, and although I don’t have $1 million in my bank account, Future Ad Labs (the company I co-founded) is now worth many times that.

Lesson: Set your goals for the stars. Even if you only reach the moon it’s still a pretty awesome place to be.

This blog is now about the lessons I’m learning as I go through this journey.

To connect with me please request a call through Clarity (if you’d like to speak one on one), Twitter or Linkedin.