How to Achieve Anything – Interview with Dan Brodky-Chenfeld

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How do you Achieve Anything?

Recently I got the opportunity to connect with World Champion Skydiver Dan Brodky-Chenfeld, author of Above all else: A World Champion Skydiver’s Story of Survival & What it Taught Him about Fear, Adversity & Success. 

While training for national Skydiving championships, Dan Brodky-Chenfeld was involved in a plane crash that killed 16 out of 22 crew members (including two of his jump team), and left Dan seriously injured, with a broken neck. He was told he could never Skydive again. Despite this Dan went on recover fully and, against all odds, become a multi-world championship winning skydiver.

– I was so excited about speaking to Dan for this Interview that I stumbled over my intro – (nerves – yes I get ’em sometimes!) – nevertheless, it’s one of my favourite interviews I’ve done to date – I’m sure you’d agree Dan is a really inspirational guy.

In this interview you will learn:

  • What one of the most common traits of successful people are
  • How to tell if you’ve chosen some thing you’re truly passionate about
  • How to decide what the next thing to do is
  • How and why mapping out your plan is so important
  • Why visualisation is so important – and how you should use it
  • How to have a great day – and replicate it whenever you want

Watch it here:

Buy the Book: Above All Else (It’s a really awesome read – highly recommended)

Check out Dan Brodky-Chenfeld’s Website

Your turn: What did you learn from the interview? Share it in the comments below



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