11 Ways to Get Rockstar Startup Advice

startup advice
startup advice

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Have you ever wished you had access to experienced startup advisors that could help you with what you’re trying to achieve?

We’ve all been there – working on a project of some description – at some point one of the inevitable questions pop into our heads:
– Am I doing this right?
– What do I do next?
– Why do Starbuck’s cinnamon swirls taste so much better than everywhere else’s?

Trouble is a lot of the time there isn’t the right person around to help you.

Those of you who follow my blog will remember that one Friday night a few months ago, I got a little excited. A new service called Clarity had just gone into Beta that allows you to speak direct to an expert about a problem you’re having. Advice for entrepreneurs -> instantly

That night I spoke to Eric Ries, Andrew Chen and a few others about the startup I was working on (If you missed it here’s that post). Make no mistake, these are some of the top startup advisors any startup in the world could hope for. I think the ability to do this is a HUGE advantage – having access to people who have achieved what you’re trying to achieve, can really increase your chances of success

Further down this post I’ll show you how you too can talk to these and other advisors right now. Some for free, and most of them for under $10.

11 Rockstar Startup Advisors Available to Help You Now

Below I list 11 very very successful entrepreneurs, who for the first time (that I know of anyway) are available to speak to you (yes you), right now, to help you with any problem you may be having. This is not MSN/Skype chat – this is real life on the phone, human to human —– and you don’t even need to pay for the phone call.

Not believe me? Just click the link below any of the 11 startup advisors I list below, and see for yourself!

1.  Eric Ries 

Specialty: Lean Startup

Mini-bio: Entrepreneur. New York Times best selling author – The Lean Startup. Previously co-founded / CTO of IMVU.

Click here to speak to Eric

2. Hiten Shaw

Specialty: Lean Startup, Metrics

Mini-bio: Founder of KISSmetrics. Started 3 Internet companies. Love helping other entrepreneurs succeed.

Click here to speak to Hiten

3. Renée Warren

Specialty: Content Marketing

Mini-bio: Geek in stilettos. Founder of Onboardly.com. Traveler. Tall. Canadian in San Francisco.

Click here to speak to Renee

4. Tyler Crowley

Specialty: Ideation / startup advice / raising finance

Mini-bio: Founder of Skweal.com; previously corp dev, marketing and strategy at Mahalo.com. Reviewed and advised over 500+ startups for the TechCrunch50 & Launch conferences.

Click here to speak to Tyler

5. Ash Maurya

Specialty: Lean Startup

Mini-bio: Founder, Spark59. Author, Running Lean. Helping startups raise their odds of success.

Click here to speak to Ash

6. Benjamin Yoskovitz

Specialty: Ideation / Startup advice

Mini-bio: VP Product @ GoInstant, Founding Partner at Year One Labs (startup accelerator). Former CEO/founder of Standout Jobs (exited 2010).

Click here to speak to Ben

7. Mark MacLeod

Specialty: Raising finance

Mini-bio: Partner at Real Ventures, a Montreal-based seed VC fund which focus on SaaS, freemium and e-commerce investments.

Click here to speak to Mark

8. Dan Martell

Specialty: Startup Biz Dev / Marketing / Startup advice

Mini-bio: Canadian Entrepreneur. Founder of Clarity.fm – Angel Investor (15 tech startups). Co-Founder of Flowtown (Acquired 11’), Founder of Spheric Technologies (Acquired 08’), Mentor @ 500Startup, GrowLabs & theC100.org

Click here to speak to Dan

9. Heather Ritchie

Specialty: Startup PR

Mini-bio: Public Relations for Startups. (Media Outreach | Social Media | Communications Strategy)

Click here to speak to Heather

10. Rob Walling

Specialty: Bootstrapping / solo-preneurship

Mini-bio: Serial solo entrepreneur, author and mentor. Blogger at SoftwareByRob.com.

Click here to speak to Rob

11. Jason Lankow

Specialty: Data-visualization / Infographics

Mini-bio: Data Visualization, Infographic Design, Content Marketing, Startups

Click here to speak to Jason

Your Turn: Did you speak to any of the people above? Where do you get your startup advice from?


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