How to Grow a Fast Growth Startup


In this video interview, I’m joined Dan Martell, founder of Clarity

Dan has launched a number of successful startups in the past decade including Spheric (acquired ’08), Flowtown (acquired ’11) an now Clarity (which has recently hit its 10,000th call milestone) – one of the most powerful products out there for helping new startup founders and business people. I’ve written about Clarity in the past here & here  and we it’s awesome to have Dan back on StartupRemarkable for the second time.

In this interview you will learn how Dan successfully launched his latest startup Clarity, and:

– What are the key ingredients to launching a startup that will rock
– How to create momentum for your startup’s launch that constantly builds to create a compelling story
– How do you get your first users, a super tip how to hustle to get your friends signing up & what Dan rates as his no.1 user acquisition strategy
–  What Dan’s secret to getting so much stuff done is
–  Why advisors are so important (and how get the best advice from them)
 Check it out here:

Dans Links
Dan’s Blog
The first interview Dan did on StartupRemarkable 1 year ago (where he speaks about Cohort metrics)
The awesome dashboard blog post Dan mentions
My blog posts about Clarity

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