How to Start Your First Blog (in just 4 days)

Are you wondering how to start your first blog?  Or have a blog that’s not started the way you liked?

Today I spoke to Seth Leonard. Seth is a great guy that helps people start their first blog or website – but unlike most people who does so in exchange for your cash, Seth will show you how to create your own blog, for free, in just 4 days. Believe me if I knew Seth when I was just getting started, he would have saved me a whole bunch of time.

I this video you will learn:

  1. The 4 easy steps you need to take to create your first blog
  2. How you can start a wordpress blog without being technical at all
  3. What questions to ask yourself before you start that will save you time later
  4. The (free) tools you need to get started
  5. The 4 different ways you can make money
  6. Seth gives his tips on what changes I should make for my site (very interesting)

Check it out:

Seth’s links:

The Web Launch (free course to launch a blog in 4 days)
Seth’s Blog 
My friend Marc’s blog I mention during the interview


How did you learn how to start a WordPress blog? Share your ideas or the url of your blog below

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6 Responses to “How to Start Your First Blog (in just 4 days)”

  1. Marc Says:

    Great Post! Very informative. It seems like there might just be an opportunity to create a design company specializing in blog headers?


  2. Michelle Says:

    I recently used the free 4 day course (The Web Launch) from Seth that’s mentioned in this video to create my own blog. If there’s any part of you that’s ever thought it’s something you’d like to do… I urge you to go for it. Seth couldn’t possibly make the directions on how to do so any more simple!

    Howard… thanks for doing this interview, it provides some very useful advice on growing an email list.



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