Google Please Hire Me, Interview with Mathew Epstein

What do you do when you want a job really really bad?

Why not do something like what Mathew Epstein did and make the ultimate online CV with his kick-ass site and video (I highly recommend you see it – it’s great).

I found Mathew’s site when everyone started tweeting about it last week and I thought – I gotta chat to this guy! In the interview we chat about why he made the video, how he made it, how his site has got over 300,000 hits in under 1 week and, if Google are going to hire him. check it out:


Mathew’s personal Blog 

Mathew on Twitter

Any thoughts on Mathew’s idea? Share them in the comments below


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8 Responses to “Google Please Hire Me, Interview with Mathew Epstein”

  1. Rory Says:

    Good catch. Keep them coming


    • howard Says:

      Cheers Rory, yeah – awesome story, my hunch is that he’ll be at Google soon. How can they say no :)

      Know anyone you think would be good for me to interview?


  2. Manon Says:

    Just noticed- you misspelled his name, it’s Matthew with two T’s :)


  3. ALDO Says:

    Hey thanks! Really great article, really enjoyed it!


  4. Sumit Arora Says:

    You need to follow a very organized and disciplined approach to prepare for the Software Engineering Job at Facebook/Google/Amazon/Microsoft etc.

    Actually all these companies e.g. MS,Google,Amazon,Facebook,Apple follow an approach on which that measure the thought process of a candidate.

    And they use different means to evaluate that, but yes most of them uses Algorithms/Data Structures/Open-ended questions(If you have applied for a software engineering job) as one of the approach to evaluate the talent.( As those are the base to develop the technologies)

    To be accustomed with algos/data structure/coding , you must have understood/practiced the minimum e.g. :

    (Step-1): You should have practical understanding of the Algorithms (e.g. When to use BackTracking, When to Use Divide and Conquer, Why double hashing required ?,Where brute force concept can be applied ?) (100 Hours)

    (Step-2): You should have practical understanding of Data Structures e.g. (Practical use cases related to :when to use circular buffer , or when to use adjacently list or the combination of both or something else to solve the problem )
    (100 Hours)

    (Step-3) : You must practice several coding problems to implement the things which learn from Step-1 , and Step-2 (you may do the following choose any coding language for the choice of yours (C,C++ or Java or Python or PHP or any one else )
    (100 Hours)

    (Step-4): Solving the problem doesn’t mean just to solve it, but to understand the best way to solve it e.g. The given technical problem can use various ways to come to solution, and you might want to use the optimal one. (How you connect the given solution with the computing/memory resources e.g. Memory/Processing Power)
    (100 Hours)

    Most Important One

    However other than programming you might need to understand the main concept for the interview is to keep the interview active and this requires some action from your side, such as the following:

    You need to talk

    You need to explain

    You need to discuss

    You need to express your views

    You need to understand clearly the questions given to you

    You need to understand the interviewer’s expression and mindset to un- derstand those questions

    You might need to ask appropriate questions to understand the question or any other discussion item. (100 Hours)

    And also :

    Prepare : “Please tell me about your self” , “Your skills related positive/negative further interest” , Basics for the most needed computer science concepts or anything as you presented on your “CV/Resume”
    (100 Hours)

    Above is just a sample plan, you may customize the way you want(e.g. 100 hours to 10 hours or something else) – Click to Amazon, to find the best books you might need.

    (Here Google doesn’t mean the Google, it means any company which is very creative to introduce the computer science related products )



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