How to Make a Million by 20, with Fraser Doherty

How to Make a Million by 20, with Fraser Doherty

In this interview I’m joined by Scottish entrepreneur Fraser Doherty, founder of ‘Superjam’ (which I can confirm is very tasty :)

Fraser Dohery has an awesome story: Age 14 after his Gran showed him her special jam recipe in her kitchen, Fraser started selling Jam in farmers markets and just a few years later he has grown his Jam company ‘Superjam’ into a million dollar business.

Check out the interview below – you’ll see Fraser is a really down to earth friendly guy, who also manages to have much tidier hair style than me (some birds’ nests spotted in mine)

In this interview you will learn:

– What to do when family & friends tell you to quit (but you believe you should keep going)
– How to get advice from entrepreneurs that are WAY more successful than you
– How Fraiser raised enough money to get his business of the ground, without borrowing a penny
– How Fraser got started and how he got his ‘big break’
– Why you need to focus on just 1 reason why customers should buy your product

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2 Responses to “How to Make a Million by 20, with Fraser Doherty”

  1. Kevin Says:

    “Don’t be afraid”

    This is probably the single best piece of advice within your 15 minute interview.

    I once read that fear is what keeps 98% of people from trying and after trying from succeeding!

    If I could make a recommendation to a future blogpost, it would be “x Ways to Overcome the Fear of your Startup from Failing”.

    All the best and thanks for sharing this!


    • Howard Says:

      Hey Kevin – that’s awesome – I totally agree. Imagine all the great things we could achieve if we weren’t afraid (in every part of our lives)

      So easy to say, always difficult to do. But always worth it when you do

      Thanks – great blog post idea :)


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