How to Make a Million by 20, with Fraser Doherty

How to Make a Million by 20, with Fraser Doherty

In this interview I’m joined by Scottish entrepreneur Fraser Doherty, founder of ‘Superjam’ (which I can confirm is very tasty 🙂

Fraser Dohery has an awesome story: Age 14 after his Gran showed him her special jam recipe in her kitchen, Fraser started selling Jam in farmers markets and just a few years later he has grown his Jam company ‘Superjam’ into a million dollar business.

Check out the interview below – you’ll see Fraser is a really down to earth friendly guy, who also manages to have much tidier hair style than me (some birds’ nests spotted in mine)

In this interview you will learn:

– What to do when family & friends tell you to quit (but you believe you should keep going)
– How to get advice from entrepreneurs that are WAY more successful than you
– How Fraiser raised enough money to get his business of the ground, without borrowing a penny
– How Fraser got started and how he got his ‘big break’
– Why you need to focus on just 1 reason why customers should buy your product

Fraser’s links:


Fraser’s Book

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