Million Dollar Update 1: Ireland

Startup lift off
Startup lift off

We have lift off

Here’s where I report on how I’m progressing towards my goals of making $1 million in 999 days.

Each month I report on exactly how much I made, what things I’ve learned, what I’ve achieved, and of course, all the mistakes I’ve done (oh yes – I’m NEVER short on material for that section!). Expect my report the first week of each new month.

My goal is to be completely transparent to you – you’ll see what’s working for me, what’s not, and what my strategies are. That way when you decide to go it alone, whether it be for $1, $1 million, $1 billion, or just for fun – you won’t have to make all the mistakes I did. Hey, wouldn’t that make it so much easier?

Report 1

  • Moved back from Australia to London (well, just outside London).
  • I relaunched my blog (yep, the one you’re reading) and began blogging regularly – YES!
  • Started doing video interviews again here on this blog – something I knew I really enjoyed from my days as a DJ.
  • Got 2x great mentors who advise me regularly.
  • Reached 2,000 followers on Twitter – yes, you might say followers mean nothing, but I struggled to get over 100 followers for the first year of using Twitter! So now I feel a little cooler (here’s how I grew my following).
  • Started working in something similar to a ‘job’ for the first time in five years.
  • Drew up a short list of my upcoming startup projects and began working on my favourite two.

The Stats

1.      Income in past month: £3K

2.      Blog visitors in past month:

3.      Overall net worth -£3,000 (remaining student loan & credit card)

Main things I learnt

  • Different countries can have very different market conditions (Picking up web design/marketing business in Oz is relatively easy and well-paid; London is less so).
  • Working for someone when your goal is to be an entrepreneur can be a positive thing, even recommended.
  • Having a strong digital footprint (blog, Linkedin, Twitter) is the modern way of getting past the velvet rope at the digital Studio 54.
  • I’m loving learning and spending time on my current projects – a great full circle from a year ago when I wasn’t happy in my career choice.
  • Even in this digital world – you can’t beat making real-life contacts. This takes time, but it’s much more fulfilling.

Plans for next month

  • Big goal will be to pay off remaining student loan (€3K) – that WILL feel good. 🙂
  • Earning goal: £4K p.m. (employment or other)
  • Apply to Founders Institute.
  • Join/create a high-quality Masterminds & one more experienced mentor.
  • Validate and move forward 2x entrepreneurial projects I’m getting off the ground and VERY excited about.
  • Blog targets
  • Increase my SEO – been pretty weak on this to date, and my organic search analytics proves this. Need to focus on this area this month.
  • Target 1,500 unique visitors.
  • Write an ebook or core piece of content.
  • 12 more blog posts (three per week) minimum.

What I need help with

  • White hot programmer who might want to work on some cool projects together. Know someone?  Please get in touch.
  • Million dollar mentor – ideally someone who has founded, launched, and exited their own major startup. Would ask one hour of their time every fortnight/month to discuss my plans.
  • Kick-ass marketing positions – know anyone looking for marketing help? I’m keen to help and always looking for a great marketing position with a world-beating company (startup much preferred) – know any? Here’s my lowdown (sorry, can only look at paid positions at the moment).

Any ideas or feedback? Please leave them below.

Million Dollar Update 1: Ireland

Howard: Hi everyone! Howard from here and this is the first of my monthly reports on my quest to make a million dollars in 999days. And I’m gonna do each one of my reports somewhere completely different that I’m either visiting or I spend a lot of time in and this no better place to start than in Ireland.

And I’m standing where one of the first places St. Patrick came to when he came to Ireland. Its right beside my home so I figured it would be a really nice place to do this first report and I’ll show you around a little bit once I’ve just given you a quick update.

So I had an awesome month. I just got back from Australia [kinda] maybe two or three months ago. And I’ve been living in London and I think I’ve made a lot of progress since I’ve got back. One of the biggest things is really starting up the blog that I’v done in the last kinda month or so. And I got to meet a lot of you guys through it so that’s really cool. Thanks for everybody that has been emailing me and stuff. I’ve copy a few of them and the report for the third time. Some cool people I got in contact with me so I’m really [really] I love to hear from you so that’s great. And yeah just have a look at the report these are things that I’ve been doing over the month.

But I suppose the biggest things I can look at next month for me to make progress towards my big goal that is I think I need to kinda connect with a few more really experienced, successful entrepreneurs because that’s how I want to make my million. I really need to feed off them to see exactly what they do and throw what they do to get to where they are and also throw my ideas, two very particular ideas, that I’m running with at the moment that I hope will be my million dollar ideas. And I definitely as I go through them I’m kinda be documenting them in the blog here as well. So if you know anybody that you think I should talk to please get in touch or indeed if you’re one of those types of people I’m talking about who’d like to give me a hand I’d love to learn from you and I think we would have a bit of fun along the way as well.

So here I am in Ireland anyway that’s enough talking for now give you a little bit of a show around the place. We are here at St. Patrick’s well in County Wicklow, Ireland. [And] this one of the first places that St. Patrick came over when he took the boat from England to come to Ireland to spread Christianity. [And] one of the things he did when he was over here is drove all the snakes out of Ireland. We have no snakes here in Ireland because of St. Patrick and that is true so they say. So anyway, I’ll show you in St. Patrick’s well.

Myself and my dad and a few other helpers actually [you know] helped rebuild this about a year or two ago. So somewhere I’m really [really] proud of. Just give you a quick look. Here we are. That’s St. Patrick’s well and that’s the well itself. Supposedly, if you’ve any kinda ails or _____ that water will cure you but we don’t know about that but it’s a lovely view.

So if any of you are in Ireland or coming over to Ireland at any time make sure you let me know and I’ll make sure we’ll have a Guinness. I’ll see you next month.



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