Mobile Marketing Mastery: How to Get to the Top of the App Charts

In this video interview, I’m joined by Entrepreneur, Mobile Marketing expert and founder of Mobile Dev HQ – Ian Sefferman

I came across Ian when reading an amazing post he did explaining the fundamentals of mobile app marketing, and I knew he would be the perfect person to discuss the subject of mobile marketing in more detail

In this interview you will learn:
– How to launch your Mobile App in a way to increase the likelihood of success
– How to discover the audience for your Mobile App
– Learn the fundamentals of Mobile Search Engine Optimisation
– A mostly unknown place where the Apple App Store gets its Keywords from (which you should use when marketing your mobile app)
– Why you should launch your Mobile App in a test territory before launching global
– How to use paid mobile marketing usccessfully to get in the top 25 of the Apple App Store
– How many mobile app downloads you need to get into the top of the Apple App Store charts

Check out the Interview here: (p.s. apologies for the echo in parts of the interview, I hope you agree that the awesomeness of the tips shared by Ian far outway the odd echo)

Ian’s Links

His post on Quick Sprout 

Mobile Dev HQ (Ian’s company)

Ian on Twitter

Your turn: Do you have any Mobile Marketing Tips you’d like to share? Post them in the comments below:


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