Personal Branding Secrets – How to Get Noticed

About a year ago – I had 20 followers on Twitter, no presence online and was no more a thought leader in startup circles than your typical Miss America beauty contestant is about geography

So I decided to take personal branding a little more seriously. And given that I now receive job offers regularly through my Linkedin profile, I guess something worked.

Recently a good friend of mine Marc, founder of Graduate Job Tips blog, interviewed me about Personal Branding – and we spoke about what’s required to grow a personal brand and get noticed by the right people.

In this interview we discuss:

  • The best platforms to use to grow a personal brand 
  • How to make LinkedIn really work for you
  • How to get recommendations on Linkedin, without asking for them!
  • The importance of creating an opinion based blog when branding yourself
  • How to integrate a multitude of platforms and create one interconnect online resume

Your Turn: Got any personal brand secrets ? Share them in the comments below

Check out Marc’s awesome site Graduate Job Tips

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2 Responses to “Personal Branding Secrets – How to Get Noticed”

  1. Rob Says:

    Hey Howard,

    Great post, really enjoyed the short video. Looking forward to viewing your webinar on gaining twitter followers.



    • Howard Says:

      Hey Rob – thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it

      Working on the Twitter follower program soon – will keep you posted :)


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