10 Essential Marketing books for your Startup

Purple cow

10 Essential Marketing books for your startup

trust agents

1       Trust Agents – Chris Brogan/Julien Smith

A deeper level into why social media is so important, why you build trust with your audience and how to use them both to your advantage


Read it for: Kick ass social media strategies from one of world leaders










2.   Permission Marketing – Seth Godin

First of two Seth Godin books on this list, and could have been so many more. And for right reason (if you haven’t read any Seth Godin yet, you really should)

Read it for: Every foundation you need to understand how to build a loyal following on the web








3.       The Referral Engine – John Jantsch

Name is almost misleading – the core principle behind The Referral Engine is that, by having an awesome marketing strategy and product, you’re more likely to get referred. Makes sense.

Read it for: heaps of common sense with many examples of great tactics you can implement straight away


4. Scientific Advertising & My Life in Advertising – Claude Hopkins

No other book have I heard recommended by top marketers as this one. Written in 1932 and still amazingly enjoyable to read.

Read it for: A must read for all the core foundation of effective marketing


5.    Oglivy on Advertising

Timeless classic #2 that is recommended by everyone in the industry. If you do any advertising you have to read this.

Read it for: Close to everything you need to know about Advertising in one book

Dan Kennedy on bull

6.     How to Get Rich with Your Ideas – Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy = the man of Direct Response Marketing (most effective kind). This is a good intro book to his work – good news is he has LOADS more where that came from.

Read it for: Proven marketing techniques that work time and time again


7.     Crush it– Gary Veynerchuck

Perhaps tinkering more into entrepreneurship than pure marketing per se – but loads includes loads of practical marketing inside so makes the cut.


Read it for: A turbo charge of motivation and belief

Shama8.    Zen of Social Media Marketing – Shama Hyder Kabani

Love Shama and her book – Social Media queen breaks it all down into steps that’s essential reading for a startup of any size


Read it for: Everything you need to know about setting up and growing a kick ass personal, or business brand with social media.


9.    Influence – Robert Caldiani

Social Proof, Reciprocation, Scarcity – all the core psychological ingredients to a successful marketing campaign.

Read it for: How to use psychology to make your marketing more effective

Purple cow

10.  Purple Cow – Seth Godin

When you look into a field, you see a lot of cows – none of them stand out right? But what is there was a purple cow standing in the field – think you’d notice it?

Read it for: Find out how to stand out from the crowd


Any books I’ve missed out that should be on the list? Please add them to the comments below



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