If you don’t listen to these 4 podcasts now, you’ll hate yourself later

Marketing podcasts
Marketing podcasts

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Podcasts are a fantastic way learn great new information while on the go. Since getting my iPhone I’ve been hooked and I now listen to about 10 hours of podcasts a week. In this post I’ll tell you about 4 podcasts you’d be crazy to miss.

Why do I love them so much?

  • Many have amazing free content
  • Many of the better podcasters (see below) give away their best tips during their podcasts – tips that you can put in practice straight away to get closer to your goals
  • Great way to learn while in the gym/cycling/walking/on the train etc
  • Did I mention they’re free?

Here are my favourites I highly recommend you check out:


1.    Mixergy

Learning from the people who have ‘done it’ is one of the best ways to get insights into how to achieve success.

On his Mixergy podcasts, Andrew Warner interviews pretty much every successful Web 2.0 entrepreneur going Time Ferris, Gary Veynerchuck, Jimmy Wales – if they’ve launched a successful company – chances are they’ve been interviewed here.

Listen to it for: To learn how to be successful. Find it here

I love marketing

 2.    I Love Marketing

Joe Polish and Dean Jackson give real marketing advice – on direct response marketing (the type that really works). They start from the basics and introduce step by step how to create a hugely successful marketing plan.

Joe Polish is the marketing advisor to Richard Branson, among others. This Podcast is a way to get advice from one of the world’s leading experts, who might be a little outside your budget otherwise.

Listen to it for: Step by step guide to amazing marketing Find it here

IBM3    Internet Business Mastery

The very first podcast I listened to, I’ve listened to every episode at least once. Each one is packed full of useful tips. Sterling and Jay are really down to earth guys who it’s impossible not to like.

Listen to it for: If you’re a newbie to internet business or blogging – start here

Find it here

smart passive income podcast

4    Smart Passive Income

Want an example of how to be authentic on the web? Check out Pat’s site and podcast – packed full of useful information on everything from blogging to how to create an iphone app to affiliate marketing. Great example of a nice guy crushing it with his internet business.

Listen to it for: Inspiration and information Find it here

Any podcasts you listen to I should check out? Post them in the comments below


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