How Badly do you Want it? (Truth of Success)

‘When you want to be successful as badly as you want to breath, then you will be successful’ – Sean Walker

Earlier this week I met a girl at an event. She was smart, good looking and (from what I could pick up from her) talented – she was telling me how badly she wanted to go places in her career.

Trouble is, despite all these things going for her, I don’t think she’s going to go anywhere.

She told me how badly she wanted to become X, how she’s been unlucky with breaks and things haven’t gone her way so far. And when I asked what her plans were to achieve X I just heard all the reasons why she didn’t have time to do it (part time job hours too long, meeting friends at the weekend, tired after work blah blah….)

To me, it’s simple: You just don’t want it badly enough

Sleep is for those people who are broke – 50 Cent

I’m not going to sit here and claim to be an expert in success – I’m not. However, to me, there are two things you need to even be in with a shot:
1. Want it more badly than you want to breath (i.e. want it more than anyone else)
2. Take complete responsibility for what happens, and no excuses

Here’s my favourite video on What it takes to Be Successful:

Main points: 

  • You need to want it more badly than you want to breath
  • You will never be successful until you don’t need a dime for what you do

The voice is taken from a lecture from Sean Walker, the original lecture is here

Your Turn: What did you take from this video? What do you think it takes to be successful?

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