Make Your Passion Your Day Job, Interview with Emilie Wapnick

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Thinking of starting a blog but not sure where to start? Worried you might choose the wrong topic? Want that blog to become your day job?

In this interview I caught up with Emilie Wapnik, founder of, author of Renaissance Business, make your multi-potentiality your day job and owner of the world’s coolest shirt! I’ve known about Emilie for quite a while now and seen how, in just under a year, she started a blog, built a thriving community, quit her day job and now does what she loves full time (blogging, writing and helping others).

Emilie helps new bloggers decide what their blogs should be about (which from my experience is one of the most stressful parts of starting a new blog). Her new book, Renaissance Business, brings you through a step by step process how to decide what your blog should be about, how to make it unique and snazzy & how to grow a thriving community.

I wish her book was out when I started my blog – it would have saved my weeks of stress! It’s exactly what a new blogger needs – no hype, just great advice. Even after reading it now I’m making changes to my blog on the back of it. Thanks Emilie.

In this interview you will learn:

  • How to choose the blog topic that’s right for you
  • Why NOT to listen to the advice most business coaches will give you
  • What is the most important element you need to decide on
  • How to bring something unique to your blog
  • How to grow a thriving community

Check it out:

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Get one on one coaching with Emilie (Emilie’s blog) 

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Zero to Blogging – Startup Your Blog

ron burgundy entrepreneur
ron burgundy entrepreneur

I'm Kind of a big deal!


What’s the 1 thing you that will take you less than one hour to create that can instantly make you stand out from the crowd; helping you get that job/client/business partner? (Hint: it’s not a Lemon meringue pie – although that could help too)

It’s your very own ‘I’m kind of a big deal’ blog

So, you’re here and reading this so I’m not going to insult your intelligence giving you the reasons why you need a blog (if you’re insure, read any of Seth Godin’s books) – instead I’m just going to tell you how to build one.

But not build one in an old fashioned, slow, difficult way, no no no – that would suck.

I’m going to tell you how to build your own blog, from zero to hero – in less than 1 hour.

If you don’t think it’s worth an hour of your time to move one step closer to awesomeness, we won’t be talking much more.

If you’ve any doubts in your mind if you can build your own blog – chill. Believe me, you have no need to worry, building websites and blogs is just so easy now, at least the kind we need.

We got a deal? OK – so hold tight, just follow these easy steps.

Step 1 – Buy your domain and get it hosted

First off, I’m taking it you already have a name for your blog. If not, decide one (put in the comments below if you’re having trouble with what you want to name your blog).

So – first off just follow these instructions:

Links: Dreamhost hosting (affiliate link)

I’ve organised a special Promo code for you to use that gets you $50 off – nice!


Step 2 – Put lipstick on your piglet!

Right now it’s time to put on the party decorations

Follow these instructions:

Once you’ve done this, you’d want to tweak a few things:

  • Go to Permalinks on your Dashboard Settings. Type in /%postname%/ to Custom Structure then Save.
  • Add some plugins – see video



  • Get some graphics/pictures

Step 3 – Add your posts

So Shakespeare – you’ve got a blog, time to get writing.

Here’s how to add your content to your blog:

Step 4 – Get it ranking on Google

Now – you’ve a bonafide website! Time to tap Google on the shoulder and tell him you’ve home.

I already wrote a tasty little beginners guide to Search Engine Optimisation a few weeks ago so I recommend you go check it out

Hope that’s been useful for you – please tell me how you get on and send me a link to your finished site

Oh – and spread the word :)