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Google Please Hire Me, Interview with Mathew Epstein

August 11, 2011


google please hire me

What do you do when you want a job really really bad? Why not do something like what Mathew Epstein did and make the ultimate online CV with his kick-ass site and video www.googlepleasehire.me (I highly recommend you see it – it’s great). I found Mathew’s site when everyone started tweeting about it last week and […]

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10 Steps to Becoming a Google Plus Ninja!

July 20, 2011


google plus

            So Google + is only a few weeks old and it’s already reach 10 million users, been banned in a few countries and has most businesses wondering what’s going on.  It’s like the Wild West – there’s no sheriff, and everyone’s trying to be the new hotshot in town. […]

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