A Lesson in Innovative Product Design. Interview with Richard Farr

                  Do you create online video? Ever wish you could remember everything you needed to without looking at your notes? While in Sydney I caught up with Richard Farr,  founder of one of the best inventions I’ve seen all year. www.prompt-it.com.au – a great little device that turns
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Are you an Innovator? Interview with Hal Gregersen, The Innovator’s DNA

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Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezo’s, Richard Branson, all innovators, but what do they do differently than everyone else? And what things can we do to become more like them? I speak to Hal Gregersen, co-author of The Innovator’s DNA – Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators about Questionstorming, the Medici effect and, of course, how
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