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Believe the hype
Believe the hype

Let me see your white teeth first. Photo: Martin Brandt








Remember the last time you watched a TV ad and said to yourself: What the hell was the point of that?

You know the ones I mean: lame branding ad, a couple looking miserable until they come across this new [insert rubbish product]. Their eyes meet, they reveal their pearly white teeth with a smile, queue the cheesie music and they’re instantly their having a great time.

Still not remember? Let me jog your memory:

 These type of ads suck for a number of reasons. The biggest being: Hype

Why do these ads suck so bad?

  1. After 30 years of hearing marketing hype all around us, we’ve become immune to it. Not every product in the world can be the best. Now we just don’t believe it
  2. Same formula every time: Seriously – try something different
  3. Marketers assume the lowest denominator when it comes to peoples intelligence

Whenever any industry flock to one style of messaging, there is opportunities at the opposite pole.

Enter Adam Lisagor

Adam Lisagor is a new breed of marketer – who is effectively marketing people’s products by doing very little marketing at all.

Yep, that’s right. No hype. No bells. No cheesie background music. All Invention.

He creates video advertising for some of the most successful startups in the world – and they work.  Adam chooses one element of the product and creates a real story around it – free of any marketing hype. He just tells it as it is and because we’re so unused to this approach, We believe him!

Watch this video. I defy you to tell me you don’t want that app at the end of it

Want more? Of course you do. Check out more of Adam’s videos:

Groupon Now


What we can learn from Adam

  1. In the world when minimalist is in vogue (fixie bike anyone?) – it makes sense that smart marketers should follow suit
  2. Choose one element of the product and invent a story about that. Try and communicate too many features and you’ve lost us
  3. Choosing the same formula – if there’s an industry standard, do the opposite and you’ll standout
  4. Respect people’s intelligence – people are smart, they’ll thank you for having faith in their intelligence
  5. Hype is so the eighties, nineties & noughties. Story is the new hype

Your Turn: See any great video ads? Share them with us in the comments below


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