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Howard: Hi this is Howard from Startupremarkable.com and this is a very very exciting day for me cause this is the first ever post to Startupremarkable.com and it is the first day of my challenge.

So, I’m an Irish guy and I’m just like everybody else. Up until a couple of months ago I was doing something that wasn’t exciting me. For me, I was doing a PhD. It’s one of this university research projects that take a couple of years and I just started it by six months to nine months and I realize that it wasn’t at all what I wanted to do and to be honest with you it bored the life out of me. So, I decided to quit. After nine months I made big big decision. I was going to be tight into it for another three years. I made a big decision to quit and to jump on a plane and go to pretty much exactly the opposite side of the world where I am now in lovely, sunny Australia.

I have taken time to decide what I want in my life and I have set myself this 999 day challenge to make 1 million dollars in those 999 days. Difficult? Well, I have not made 1 dollar yet. I don’t have money in the bank or anything like that. I’m starting with zero. So, for me, it’s a really really exciting challenge. I’m gonna be sharing all the things I learn on the way, all the people I meet. We’re gonna have interviews. I’m gonna teach you how we make our first dollar, tenth dollar, hundredths dollar, right the way through to the million dollars. How I do it, I’m gonna lay it out step by step so if you want to do something similar, you can do that.

And, I just really hope, over that 999 days I’ll get to know some of you better and you know you can get to know me really well. So, if you’re interested at any point, please get in touch. Drop me a mail, add me on twitter, you know, interacting with me on twitter or just add a comment on one of these blog post. That would really be awesome. So, I’ll be seeing you a lot more over these 999 days. See you soon.



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